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Simulations & Analysis

FEA or Flow Simulation reports can be generated to test and validate existing or new designs.

3d Modeling

3d Modeling and Design Services for creating prototype visualizations or new product designs.


2D or 3D drawings for concepts, manufacturing, or processs design


Custom programming or add-ins to accelerate the design process

What we Do

Our experience in product design and development includes consumer products, mechanical equipment, automotive components, and medical devices. Using 3d design, 2d drafting, analysis/simulations, and photo rendering for projects of all sizes our engineers and designers can provide the solutions our clients need. From providing additional support to client’s in house engineering teams to taking a project from sketch to market our unique approach can make a difference.

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Our Consulting and Design Services

TMC DesignWorks is a full service design, automation, and training provider. Services include providing design and drafting solutions, creating custom CAD tools, automating design and drawing creation, and providing other CAD consulting to support our customers. We use a variety of software based on the client and project needs. These include SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and Cadworx, as well as our internal software packages. Training solutions are provided with custom tailored courses designed around our clients product and engineering process.  

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Prototype Development and Manufacturing

Testing ideas and demonstrating a product can be essential to a projects success. With the use of rapid prototyping new ideas can be put to the test immediately. Prototypes can be created for presentations with clients, proof of concepts, or even small scale production for market testing. Using 3d printing, laser cutting, vacuum forming, or CNC machining products can be tested and improved during the development process to provide a successful manufacturing launch.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Electronics Development

Electronics Development

Contact us

For quotes or information about our CAD and Product Design services please contact us with any questions. To send files or request a NDA for your project please contact us by emailing Info@TMCDesignWorks.
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