Quadro m4000 Graphics Card

NVIDIA Quadro m4000 Testing

When the K4200 first debuted the testing showed it was a pretty significant step forward.  Now that NVIDIA has released the all new m4000 card as it’s replacement it is time to see how they stack up. The M4000 uses NVIDIA’s new Maxwell GPU architecture GM204GL to replace the K4200’s Kepler based GK104GL. With 8 Read more about NVIDIA Quadro m4000 Testing[…]

PC Hardware Testing Methodology

The design of hardware tests can completely alter the perception of each components performance. From testing on different systems, different installations, and obviously using different benchmarking software the results can be interpreted in various ways. Many reviews are written with a single use in mind and the testing is all geared to getting the optimum Read more about PC Hardware Testing Methodology[…]