PhotoView 360 Weld Example

Rendering Weld Beads in PhotoView 360

While many products when rendered are best shown without the weld beads to show the “smooth” finished product there are times when a visible weld bead is much more realistic. With piping, structural, and some automotive components the weld bead is clearly visible on the final product so the render is more realistic with a Read more about Rendering Weld Beads in PhotoView 360[…]

SolidWorks Treehouse Setup

Setting up SolidWorks Treehouse

The SolidWorks Treehouse tool often gets overlooked with so many other enhancements and new tools being added to the SolidWorks suite recently. With minimal setup Treehouse is a great way to plan and even reuse assembly structures across multiple engineering projects. This tech tip will cover the basic setup and export of an assembly structure Read more about Setting up SolidWorks Treehouse[…]

SolidWorks Mate References

SolidWorks Mate References

Mate references within SolidWorks are used to quickly align and add Mates to define a component automatically during the drag and drop process. Creating a Mate Reference The mate reference command in SolidWorks is found under Reference Geometry on either the Features toolbar or under the Insert menu dropdown.         Mate Reference Read more about SolidWorks Mate References[…]

CAD Lounge SolidWorks Tech Tip: Workgroup PDM Auto-Create PDF Files

One of the primary advantages to using any PDM system is document control. In any CAD department it is critical to provide production with the correct revision of a drawing to prevent issues. An option in SolidWorks Workgroup PDM that can help any CAD Manager or User with this is the ability to automatically create Read more about CAD Lounge SolidWorks Tech Tip: Workgroup PDM Auto-Create PDF Files[…]

7 Tips for Faster SolidWorks Modeling

1. When adding a dimension to a sketch you can hold down SHIFT while choosing an arc to dimension to the tangent point. Standard Dimension SHIFT to dimension arc 2. Holding down CONTROL while drawing a sketch entity will turn off the automatic relations. This is very useful in complex sketches where SolidWorks might add Read more about 7 Tips for Faster SolidWorks Modeling[…]

Using SolidWorks RX to record an issue

Using SolidWorks RX to record an issue SolidWorks RX is a tool used to record and capture data that can help SolidWorks support technicians diagnose issues that you may be having and provide a faster solution. While this is a very commonly used tool we frequently get questions regarding where it is located and how Read more about Using SolidWorks RX to record an issue[…]