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Design, Drafting, and Analysis Services

We offer design services including mechanical concepts, contract modeling, drafting/drawing creation, as well as FEA and CFD to support our clients' projects or internal engineering teams. Our goal is to build close relationships with our clients both large and small to provide the maximum benefit to each project.

Product Design

Design services offer innovative solutions through experience in diverse industries including aerospace, automotive, defense, oil and gas, and consumer products.

Stress Analysis

FEA consulting services provide validation of design concepts and product reliability while reducing prototyping costs and lead time for the project.


Sales, QC, Manufacturing or other drawings can be created to ANSI or customers specific standards in a variety of formats.

Flow Simulations

CFD consulting services can provide validation and optimization of product structures, electronics/enclosures, valves, medical devices, and piping or ducting systems.

Industrial Design

Typical product lifecycles can include completing research reports, product styling, patent drawings, photo-renderings, product testing and everything in between.

Reverse Engineering

Using a combination of 3d scanning, manual and machine measurement tools complex parts can be reverse engineered to provide 3d models or detailed prints.

Testing Equipment

Testing or validation equipment design and fabrication includes jigs, vacuum testing chambers, backpressure testing cabinets, simulators, and control panel solutions.

Automotive Design

With current rapid prototyping and manufacturing we can create custom suspension, drivetrain, and engine components designed and tested to our customers’ requirements.

Automation and Implementation Consulting

From implementation and start up of a new PDM or PLM system to design automation and custom API services we can provide the solution your engineering team needs. Custom programming can automate repetitive design tasks, generate new models based on sales documentation, and create client specific applications to get the most out of your CAD and PDM software.  

PDM (EPDM) Services

PDM services for SolidWorks PDM Profesional (EPDM) or Standard can implement your new system or optimize your current workflows and setup.

SolidWorks Add Ins

Using the Application Programming Interface (API) for SolidWorks custom add ins, task panes, toolbars and more can be created to assist engineers and designers.

Custom Programming

From custom tools for existing platforms to full-cycle enterprise software development a cost-effective and intuitive solution can be developed to match your requirements.

Process Mapping

Process mapping of your company’s unique processes can be created and organized to assist in process improvement and communications with top management.

Our Training and Support

  • Core SolidWorks

  • Advanced SolidWorks

  • Routing, Costing, Weldments

  • Customized to Client

SolidWorks Training

  • Design for Six Sigma

  • Lean Fundamentals

  • Green Belt Certification

  • Black Belt Certification

Six Sigma Training

  • User Training

  • Admin Training

  • Advanced Implementations

  • API Training

PDM (EPDM) Training

  • CAD Standards

  • CadWorx Spec Files

  • Project Management

  • Customized to Client

CAD Management

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For quotes or information about our CAD and Product Design services please contact us with any questions. To send files or request a NDA for your project please contact us by emailing Info@TMCDesignWorks.
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